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Garden Club @ UHCT – Hire Raised Beds and Polytunnels   arrow

The Upper Horfield Community Garden is based in the grounds of Eden Grove Methodist church.  Volunteers have worked hard to develop a large space at Eden Grove for the growing of fruit, herbs and veg and a space for nature to flourish. We have three large poly tunnels available to members and volunteers to use.  So if you would like to Volunteer or indeed become a member and do some very rewarding work on behalf of the community please come and chat to our members.

There are currently growing spaces available, we welcome volunteers to come to help us tend community plots and the nature areas.

If you would like to apply for a growing space, please write to:-

Mr Phil Wilson
The Chairman
Upper Horfield Community Garden,
Horfield, Bristol. BS7 0PQ
Or email

Any surplus produce and plants may be donated to be sold by the club through the UHCT Community Centre. Money raised is used by the club to develop the garden and build more raised beds.

We also welcome surplus produce from surrounding gardens which we can sell locally for the same purpose.

We would like to thank all the funders, past and present, who have helped us to develop this garden.

To find out more, please contact us